Join your voice with Brad Ford and help reshape Erie.

My Focus

My expertise lies in developing new technologies and creating community spaces. These skills give the ability to quickly and collaboratively help City Council make solid decisions based on facts, science and what is best for all of Erie. More than anything I am an honest person who wants to leave Erie better for my children and your children.

Platform in three words:

Technology, Arts, and Visibility are key to our survival as a city. As part of Erie’s Downtown Revitalization art installations, artworks, and interactive art displays should accompany the renewal of commercial office space.

What type of candidate:

I am a hybrid of the two types of candidates. I am not a politician, but as an life-long Erie resident, I know and have worked with many types of people. From well-connected to the woman who rings up my deli meats.

Role Models

Number one is Bernie Sanders, although not an outsider he is viewed as an outsider because of his willingness to work with anyone and work for the common person. Number two is Ben Franklin: commitment to civic duty and the collaborative process 4th Doctor Who:smart and thoughtful, but always willing to jump in and try something new

Albert Einstein once said that, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”


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