January 24, 2017

My Plan

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Here’s what I plan to do as a city councilman:

    • Bring new technology to Erie, building an infrastructure that will create new jobs. By working with organizations like Innovate Erie, we can bring Erie into the 21st century and make it a tech-friendly place to live and work.


    • Promote Erie to outside businesses looking for a place to build and thrive. We can build it, but if we don’t promote it no one will know that we are here. We need to show businesses why Erie is the place where they want to be.


    • Support and promote the creative class in Erie and find new ways for the performing and visual arts to prosper. Do you know how creative this town is? The visual arts, the musical talent, the theatrical community, all of it is right here sometimes hidden in the shadows.  And there are so many artists living and working here in the city. Oil City has a program to support incoming and established artists. We can build a similar support system and bring the creative class out into the light.


    • We need to cut waste in our city’s budget, but we need to do so without cutting services to our community’s most vulnerable. There are many items on the budget that are not supporting our city or our vision.


    • Of course, it also important that city council supports our Erie schools so that teachers can focus on the needs of each student. Good schools are the backbone of any city. It is why people move to and stay in any given place. City council needs to work with the school district to find creative options to keep our schools open and successful



Here are some links to the Plans being considered and some of the players in theses plans.


Emerge 2040 Plan – http://emerge2040.org/resources/destination-erie-plan/

Erie Refocused (City Comp Plan) can also be found from the E2040 site – http://emerge2040.org/resources/erie-refocused-comprehensive-plan/

Erie Downtown Partnership Master Plan – http://www.icareforerie.com/

Our West Bayfront Website – http://www.ourwestbayfront.org/

Bayfront Eastside Task Force Website – http://www.besterie.org/

SNOOPS Website – http://www.snoopserie.org/

Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Network/Little Italy – http://www.ssjnn.org/ministries/historic-little-italy-hli

Erie County Cultural Plan – http://www.erieartsandculture.org/initiatives/erie-county-cultural-plan